Implementing CWWs
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While managers are charged with managing employees on compressed workweeks, the employees have to self-manage, too. They can work together to find ways to deal with the fatigue of longer days.  Here is a checklist of ways to do this:

When planning your schedule, factor in the length of the work day, the time spent commuting and the responsibilities of life outside work. Avoid surprises.

Consider having the scheduled day off in the middle of the week rather than the day before, or after, a weekend. This can provide a distinct and rejuvenating break between two sets of long days.

Select a schedule that fits the workload. Fifty-hour weeks may translate better into a 9/80 than a 4/10 schedule.

Plan to get sufficient sleep, especially at the beginning of the arrangement.

Recognize that it will take a while to adjust to the new style of work. Pacing yourself, getting coworkers used to your schedule and dealing with some early inefficiencies will take some time but should just be part of the start-up phase.

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